What is coaching and mentoring?

and which would suit you better?

Well, it depends on what you’re after. Here’s a brief explanation and an offer of a FREE 20-minute chat to find out more.

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If you need immediate help on something fairly specific, then choose COACHING.

Private coaching focuses on helping you define what you’re after, and then practising new or better approaches and skills to achieve it. Typically, you have between two and four sessions over a six-week period. These can be in person (Auckland only), via phone, or over video like Skype/Zoom etc.

I also offer unlimited phone or email support between sessions for anything that might come up or that you’d like to get some quick perspective on.

Your coaching fee depends on your situation and desired outcomes but is typically between $500 and $950.

Start by booking a free, no-obligation 20-minute phone consult to see if this is for you.

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If you’d prefer a more in-depth, longer level of support, I recommend MENTORING over three or six months.

Mentoring focuses on defining your current situation, understanding it more accurately, exploring ways of looking at it more effectively, and giving suggestions and advice to that would lead to better outcomes.

Compared to coaching, mentoring often covers and explores a range of related issues rather than just a specific skill or process.

Mentoring packages are three or six months long. Check out the differences below:


Package 3

  • Three month’s mentoring

  • Up to six sessions via face-to-face, video or phone

  • Plus one three-hour brainstorm/consult workshop on whatever you want to work on

  • Free email support

  • Free phone or video support

  • Upfront: $1,545

  • or Monthly: 3 x $575 ($1,725)

  • Excludes GST if applicable.

Package 6

  • Six month’s mentoring

  • Up to nine sessions via face-to-face, video or phone

  • Plus one three-hour brainstorm/consult

  • Plus one half-day retreat with me

  • Free email support

  • Free phone or video support

  • Upfront: $2,700

  • or Monthly: 6 x $525 ($3,150)

  • Excludes GST if applicable


No-risk Next Steps

To discuss the options and see if they’re right for you, book a no-obligation 20-minute consult using the button below:


Here’s what current and previous coaching and mentoring clients have said:

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“Rob takes the time to understand my personal goals and tailors the coaching sessions to these goals. He’s very engaging to work with and gives me the stretch I need. He’s well prepared and thought provoking. Above all, Rob is fun and enjoyable to work with.” (Kari, airlines)

“Rob uses his broad and deep knowledge gleaned through extensive experience across many industries to deploy relevant and sound advice to help to lead and disrupt with modern businesses.” (Mark, banking)

“I’ve known and worked with Rob for 7 years now. His effectiveness as a…coach helped shape my early thinking as I made the leap from business specialist to general leader. I would recommend Rob to any …individual…he is vastly experienced in his field and has lead a full and rich life which I believe gives Rob the edge as a coach and mentor.” (Scott, insurance)

“I would certainly recommend Rob’s services as a coach and mentor. His assistance has benefited me professionally and I’ve gained a friend into the bargain.” (Shannon, utilities)

“I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement you have you have shown me personally. You are a brilliant Coach and Mentor….  You have taught us so many ways to move forward: communicating, encouraging others, setting direction, linking systems & resources…all toward achieving the desired result.” (Margaret, manufacturing)


Sound Good?

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