Welcome! I'm Rob.

I help professionals just like you increase clarity, confidence and communication through resources, presenting and coaching. As a result, you can have more influence with colleagues and clients, and more impact with audiences.

Be brilliant. Do work that matters.
— Rob Bialostocki

What Are You Looking For?


Rather than use your precious time and energy attending a fixed, group workshop on prescribed dates, do your learning in a more flexibile, focused and cost-effective manner. Courses on influence, delegation, networking for introverts, presence etc


Whether it's for your upcoming conference, meeting or off-site I have 30-years' experience facilitating and presenting for the likes of Seimens, Fonterra, Air New Zealand, ALPMA, BDO, Merck Sharp & Dohme etc. Credible, engaging and top feedback.


You may want individual coaching, or a bespoke programme for your team or group. Either way, I help people get the best outcomes through greater clarity, ideas and actions. Clients include ANZ, Fonterra, MacTodd, Russell McVeagh, PWC, Intermed etc

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Knowing the best thing to do in a given situation based on knowledge, insight and experience.


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In today's busy world it's easy to get on the treadmill of doing the same old, or rushing around in frenetic activity. Neither is ideal for you, your organisation, or your customers and clients.

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