Being your own boss can bring tremendous freedom and control, with a real sense of fulfilment.

But while it seems like a great idea, you need to know whether it’s something you should pursue. Especially before you invest too much time and money into something that you may not be ready for, or suited to.

What if you could decide without any risk at all to you?

You can! This short online course was created just for you to help you make that decision. Watch this short sample video…


Course Description

The course materials are currently being finalised. Meantime, they will look similar to this.

The course materials are currently being finalised. Meantime, they will look similar to this.


This fully online course contains:

  • 8 short professionally-made videos viewable on any device

  • 6 one or two-page PDF worksheets with brief exercises that match the video content

  • A final decision PDF worksheet

  • Free email access to Rob Bialostocki for any questions or challenges you may have.

Course Modules

The course takes you step-by-step through assessing six key success factors for working for yourself. With this material, you will:

MODULE 1 - Reasons

  • Clarify your reasons for working for yourself

  • Complete an easy, fun exercise that will help you uncover your motivations

  • Assess your current level of conviction.

MODULE 2 - Purpose

  • See the importance of business purpose (as well as personal motivations)

  • Clarify what you will offer exactly, who to, and what outcomes they will get.

MODULE 3 - Attributes

  • Dive deeper into the key attributes needed for success, with explanations given of what each means, and score yourself.

  • Assess any gaps you may have, and make a simple plan for bridging them.

MODULE 4 - Support

  • Assess whether you have sufficient levels of personal support for the venture.

  • Consider who could be a mentor.

  • List your current circle of trusted colleagues to approach if required.

MODULE 5 - Finance

  • Identify 10 specific ways you can reduce your expenses to free up money to start

  • Calculate a simple living and business budget to identify how much you’ll need

  • Identify possible source of income

  • Assess your financial readiness to begin your consulting business.

MODULE 6 - Interested Clients

  • Research the internet to ascertain the current level of interest in your proposed services

  • Identify the common issues your potential clients are dealing with

  • Survey your intended audience and gauge their needs.


  • Make your decision based on your work in the six modules: Either yes (Yay), no (Nay), or later (Not Yet).

Decide Once and For All

Do the Online Course Yay, Nay or Not Yet for just $19 (a 60% saving!!)

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Your Coach - Rob Bialostocki

Rob is a professional coach and presenter who has successfully worked for himself as a consultant to corporates since 2007. He knows what it’s like to leave your job and start your own business using your existing skills and experience.

He creates resources and courses like this to help people think clearly, gain insights and take wise action to get the life and work they want. If you have any questions, email him at

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7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You have peace of mind when you purchase the course. If for any reason you feel it was not worth the money, for a full 7-days you can request your money back, and it will be refunded. We only ask you to provide some feedback on how the course could be improved for others.

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