What if you could vastly improve how you use your voice to feel stronger, be more confident, and have far more impact with people and audiences?

Watch this short video as Rob Bialostocki, professional coach, presenter and broadcaster, reveals what most people fail to get right when it comes to speaking to colleagues, clients and audiences.

And why they often don’t have the impact they could have…


Introducing VoiceMagic

The short online video course that can help you speak more confidently and effectively to achieve your goals.

That’s true, whether you’re:

  • A professional needing to build business relationships and influence clients and colleagues

  • A manager who wants to create empathy and inspire your team

  • Someone who wants to feel more confident in networking and making new contacts

  • A speaker who wants to grab the audience’s attention and convince them about your message

  • A job-seeker who wants to convey a great impression that lands you the job you want

  • Someone who wants to feel more confident to approach anyone you want to.


What You Get

The course materials are currently being finalised. Meantime, they will look similar to this.

The course materials are currently being finalised. Meantime, they will look similar to this.

This fully online course contains:

  • 8 short professionally-made videos viewable on any device, each one teaching and demonstrating to you a simple but powerful technique you can use immediately.

  • 8 audio versions of the videos so you can listen on your mobile device (or in the car!). These audio tracks contain extra tips & ideas.

  • 8 PDF prompt mini-posters to download, print out and keep handy, and use anytime - because regular recall is crucial to your success in anything.

  • Free email access to Rob Bialostocki for any questions or challenges you may have.

Pay just $29 (instead of $49) when the course goes live soon.


In The Course, You’ll Learn:

  1. Four keys to instantly sound more credible and interesting no matter who you’re speaking to, or where (this is a recap of the four free videos - posture, pause, piano and punctuate - in case you missed them).

  2. The most common mistakes almost everyone makes in speaking that result in their listeners being either uncertain, bored or unable to remember much, or overwhelmed and defensive.

  3. The fundamental role of breath and how being full of hot air can be a good thing!

  4. How to get acquainted with your diaphragm and use it properly to avoid sounding thin or running out of air.

  5. Why your ‘normal’ talking voice won’t cut it most of the time and how to change it up without feeling false.

  6. How to vary your volume and how to use it at various levels to project confidence, calm or intrigue.

  7. How to identify and use three kinds of voices you have - the high, natural and low - for different situations.

  8. How to use vari-speed to alter your pace and speed to create tension or release.

  9. The incredible magic of using emphasis to convey importance, conviction and believability.

  10. How to consciously use the right facial expressions and gestures to come across as genuine and real. (And the one simple change that can make people more easily say yes!)

  11. How to avoid sounding hesitant or tentative and instead, sound definite and sure.

  12. How to use your voice to build trust, credibility, charisma, energy or empathy.


Here’s What Rob’s Clients Say


“Rob helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and refined my presentation style. I thoroughly enjoyed the few sessions I had with Rob; He challenged me, the result was remarkable.”

Deb (Marketing Director)

“I found greater impact in front of colleagues and clients and look forward to further developing these skills. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob, it will be one of the best investments you can make in your career.”

James (Senior Banker)

“Rob has helped me increase my awareness of how my verbal and non verbal communication is perceived. He has enabled me to have greater command of the little cues that we all give off through our interactions with others. Fun and enjoyable to work with!”

Kari (Digital Leader)

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Your Coach - Rob Bialostocki

Rob is a professional coach and presenter, and trained and worked as a professional radio broadcaster for many years. He’s the host of the podcast Living a Life That Matters, presents & produces YouTube teaching videos, and regularly speaks to audiences from a wide range of industries & sectors.

Rob has coached well over 1,750 professionals to communicate & lead more simply, clearly and powerfully. His clients include leaders from banking, insurance, airlines, pharmaceuticals, professional services and science.

If you have any questions, email him at rob@robbialostocki.com

Guarantee 7 day MBG.png

100% 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You have peace of mind when you purchase the course. If for any reason you feel it was not worth the money, for a full 7 days you can request your money back, and it will be refunded. We only ask you to provide some feedback on how the course could be improved for others.


Here’s More of What You’ll Learn

  • How to connect with others more strongly, more easily, and more quickly

  • How to avoid sounding monotone and therefore boring

  • How to create variety and colour in your speaking

  • The secrets of how to speak so people can easily get what you’re message is

Plus a Bonus Video!

  • How to work with nerves so they don’t vandalise your public speaking.


Get Immediate Access When it Launches

Register your interest today and get over 50% off the full price when it launches. You will pay just $29 NZD (the full price will be $49).

Remember, this course will help you feel more confident, connect more strongly with others, and have greater impact at work and in social settings. It’s amazing what your voice can do! Unlock the power of your voice.