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This site is for anyone who’s in midlife

For most people, that brings new challenges, changes and questions in work, family, relationships and perhaps finances. It also brings a chance to reflect on life, change the things that aren’t working anymore, and ignite new possibilities. It’s not a crisis, it’s an adventure.

You really can re-write the script and craft the life and work you want from here on.

What will your next 15 to 20 years look like?


Who Am I?

My name is Rob Bialostocki (you pronounce that bee-yello-stocky), I’m in my fifties and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve worked for myself since 2007 speaking and coaching in the areas of effective leadership, influence and communication skills for business. I also coach and mentor executives in their life and leadership effectiveness.

I have qualifications in science, teaching and broadcasting and have worked in all three areas.

I’m not religious or particularly political, and I don’t have any time for many of the things our modern, consumerist, advertising-saturated world tries to push at us.

I love speaking, podcasting and mentoring others the most.


What is A Life That Matters?

When people reach their middle years (anywhere from 35 to 60, depending on how many vegetables you ate as a kid), they begin to reassess a few things. Like, am I living the kind of life I really want? Do I need so much stuff? Have I done the things I wanted to do in my life? How can I make my relationships better? What work can I do now, that I’d find more fulfilling?

Things like that. Does any of that sound familiar? :)

A life that matters is simply a philosophy or overarching way of thinking and living that looks at all those things and more, so that you can decide what’s really important to you, and let go of the things that no longer are. I mean, after all, life is short, right?

I wrote about it in this handy ebook, including some stories of a few ordinary people who are doing amazing things to live a life, and do work, that matters to them. Get yourself a copy.

 Photo: Willian Iven, Unsplash

Photo: Willian Iven, Unsplash

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Podcasts & Resources

Podcast Episodes:

Introducing what living a life that matters is all about (~20 mins)

Making your connections matter (~15 mins)

Eight Ways to Navigate Midlife’s Challenges (~18 mins)

Free PDF: 8 Ways to Face and Navigate Life’s Changes

Free ebook: Midlife Snapshot Guide