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I like helping smart people get the clarity, confidence and tools they need to communicate and lead with influence. By smart, I mean people who are keen on personal growth and professional development. People who want to keep learning, adding more value, and developing greater wisdom. 

I have tertiary qualifications in science, teaching and organisational training. But more than that, I've accumulated 30+ years of wisdom and experience as a result of engaging in, and navigating, life. That's included re-inventing my career a few times, and successfully dealing with many of life's big challenges, including a few dooseys!

In my first career I was a professionally-trained broadcaster. In my second, an events project manager. In my third and current one (since 1997), I've been writing, speaking and coaching to help professionals live a life, and do work, that matters. Clients choose me to:

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 Regional Leader, Insurance 


I would recommend Rob to any business or individual who is looking to build their leadership - he is vastly experienced in his field and has led a full and rich life, which I believe gives Rob the edge as a coach and mentor.


Senior Leader, Digital


Rob’s coaching helps me prepare for the toughest of business situations. He has given me simple, easy to remember models and techniques, as well as opportunities to hone these skills through practice. This has given me significantly more confidence to read situations and navigate them more successfully.  


Senior Institutional Banker


Rob was great to work with, challenging and yet provided very helpful advice. I found greater impact in front of colleagues and clients.....I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob. It will be one of the best investments you can make in your career.