025 - 5 things That Matter in Life


In this episode, I get a little philosophical as I explore 5 things that really matter in life (according to me, and probably you too). I think it’s vital that we do this because there are so many options out there for what we can give our time and attention to, that we’ll need to be discerning if we’re to avoid wasting our resources on what, in the end, won’t really matter.

Midlife is often a time when you re-evaluate what’s in your life and notice things that you no longer want. One way of doing this, is to ask yourself, “Does this really matter at the end of the day? Is this something I will look back on with pride?” It’s also important to define what does matter to you, and make sure it has a prominent place in your heart, mind and/or physical environment.

What really matters in your books?

Your midlife friend

PS I created this podcast episode a while back because today (30th of March) I am getting married!!! Woooo-hooooo!