019 - Being Busy is Not a Very Good Excuse (with midlifer Dr Michelle Kelly)

019 - martin-adams-being busy rushing.jpg

Midlife is a great opportunity, but certainly not the only one, to invest your time and energy into work or endeavours that don’t just earn a buck, but make a real difference too. But, far too many of us find ourselves saying, “I’m just so busy!” I have a feeling that that isn’t a very good excuse anymore. And you might too when you listen to today’s podcast with guest Dr Michelle Kelly, someone who has achieved a lot in her life as a top scientist, but still finds room to help others in her community that need a helping hand. Listen out for the story (near the end) of what she did while out shopping recently. Very inspiring.

This episode was videoed in Michelle’s home and you can see that full video on YouTube if your wish.