015 - Awareness & Choice with Kavi Arasu

Kavi image 1.png

As we progress through life, how can we ensure we keep fresh, keep learning, keep growing? And why should we?

In this episode, I talk with Kavi Arasu, a facilitator and philosopher from Mumbai, India, about what it means to live a life that matters and how you can get fresh perspectives on life so you continue to grow through your lifetime. (This was recorded in 2016)

We discuss how to hear the music through all the noise of modern life, how conversation is an important medium for figuring out what matters, and the importance of asking good questions.

Note that the quality of the interview itself is poor due to technical constraints at the time of the interview. But it’s worth perservering!



PS Kavi’s details are:

Websites: www.kaviarasu.com and www.infoolbloom.com

Instagram: @kaviarasu