014 - Want a Better Life? Get a Bigger Tent.

Photo by  Patrick Hendry  on  Unsplash

We mid-lifers can easily become creatures of habit. You know, same job, same house, same friends, same commitments. The danger of that being your pattern for the second half of life is that you could slowly becoming inflexible, living in a gradually contracting world, and possibly ending up a grumpy old man or woman. Too many do, whether they’re trapped there by their own fears, or by trying to keep safe from all of life’s hurts and difficulties.

To have a better life you have to extend your boundaries. You have to work against the almost natural tendency to wither.

In todays’ episode, I talk about and challenge you to deliberately expand your boundaries - your life’s tent - so you can experience new things, better things, awesome things. It requires effort, and you’ll have to say no to many things, but the pay-off is amazing.

Let me know how you’re expanding your tent. Love to hear it.