Online Courses

Flexible, focused professional development

Get the professional development you need without having to take time away from the office or go to long (often padded out) courses. Access your learning material wherever you are, whenever you want to, and with whatever device you're using. These options give you focus, flexibility and the freedom to do learning when it suits you. My clients pay over $1,000 for each of these courses. Get them online for much less, but with way more control.

Improve your influence with stakeholders, colleagues and clients.

This premium course covers the five key skills of influence you need to master, to add more value and have more impact as a professional. The more impact you have, the more opportunities come your way.

You get over 20 concise teaching videos, a set of five professionally designed workbooks, bonus PDFs and lots of tried and tested practical ideas for applying the learning at work.

Delegate like a pro

Many professionals struggle with getting the delegation results they need from others.

You may know the feeling - you're unsure who to delegate to, or whether you have the time to teach them, and you lack confidence they'll come back with the results you need, in the time you need them.

This course clarifies how to delegate well so you can share the workload, get desired results with less repeats, and increase the fees of your team.

Learn the PACM model.


If you provide services, advice or consultation to clients (whether they're internal or external to your organisation) you need to be different from other providers.

You must avoid looking like the rest otherwise you're easily replaceable.

This FREE mini-course explores three strategies they don't teach you at university, or on leadership courses, but that have a huge effect on how you're seen by those you serve. Get access to these videos now.

Coming Soon...

How to Easily Give Feedback (without affecting the relationship)

How to Coach On-the-job (without taking too much time)

How to Build Your Profile & Visibility (without crass techniques)

Find, Win & Keep Clients

How to Calmly Deal With Objections