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Your voice is one of the most powerful assets you have to connect, communicate and influence people and audiences. How well have you mastered your voice’s potential?

But how strong and confident do you feel, especially when you speak to clients, senior leaders, or maybe audiences? If you’re like most people you’ll experience anxiety, self-doubt and

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Yay, Nay or Not Yet

Need absolute clarity on whether working for yourself will work for you? Be guided through a step-by-step process of assessing your suitability and readiness to work for yourself. This video-based course includes 7 pdf worksheets to download and work through.


Networking for Introverts

Not at all just for introverts, this video course shows you how to develop your network of contacts so you are widely-known. And, you’ll learn practical tips for how to easily engage with others as you go about your day, and how to start conversations with others without feeling salesy or false.


How to Easily Give Feedback

(This is officially part of my online school for those in professional services. But you may still find it useful if you work for yourself too.) Let’s face it. Almost everyone hates giving feedback, and everyone hates getting it! Why? Because it’s usually not done well, it’s delivered hastily, and it’s often negative in nature. In this course, Rob gives you a simple, proven method for giving feedback at work, one that professional clients say has almost set them free from the fear of doing so.

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How to Delegate Like a Pro

(This is a companion course to FEEDBACK and, again designed mainly for those in professional services. However, if you need to delegate, then check it out!) Delegating well means you can pass on work to people better suited to do it for you, releasing you to more important or unique work. It also improves overall revenue, and develops your team. Learn the PACM delegation model I teach to professionals in law, accounting and consulting firms.