Books & Resources


Here are some resources, ebooks and books I’ve written to explain, teach and inspire others on aspects of living a life, and doing work, that really matters. I’m not a master of literature but I think they’re pretty easy to read.

Some are free, some are a few bucks. Either way, use whatever you feel looks interesting, and I trust it’s helpful. Enjoy! Rob


FREE PDF from here.

The Life Satisfaction Exercise is a simple, straightforward set of six questionnaires each on a key aspect of life satisfaction. Covering Mind, Time and energy, Possessions, Money, Relationships and Work there are about 10 questions in each area. After rating yourself on each, you’ll have a simple way to map your answers and therefore see where you have gaps you might want to take action on.


$4.99 USD from Amazon Kindle

What is a life that matters? Why is it important? Why are we not necessarily living it already? Using personal stories, insights and practical ideas, this book will take you through what a life that matters would look like to you, to others, and to the world we all live in.

It includes four stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make a difference, as well as 25 further ideas to inspire you.


$2.99 USD from Amazon Kindle

A very personal story, and yet with significant exploration of beliefs, science and the challenges of relying on personal experience, this book details my significant involvement in religious life and activity and why, after over 30 years of dedicated commitment, I decided to leave it all behind.

The reasoning is my own but I believe it to be very sound. If you’ve been asking questions about God or religion, then this will help you explore things further.