About Rob

Welcome to my site.

My name’s Rob Bialostocki and I’m a corporate consultant, coach and speaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. I created this site to help you develop more clarity, confidence and purpose in your work.

I’m an ordinary guy in my mid-fifties with a varied and interesting professional background. My passion is making the most of my life, living it well, and making a difference with my time here on Earth, whether in my professional or personal life.

In short, I want to live a life, and do work, that matters.

My mission is to inspire and help you do the same.

Rob Bialostocki consulting

From Broadcaster to Consultant

I began work in 1984 as a professional radio broadcaster – yep, the guy who does the breakfast show. My Radio New Zealand training really taught me how to communicate and connect with people. Mind you, getting up at 4am was a bit tough, especially in the middle of winter!

In 1996, I decided to make a substantial change. By networking, fast-learning and experimenting, I landed a job as a corporate trainer. As a result, I found myself running classes in communication, leadership and presenting to help professionals improve their skills and effectiveness.

In 2001, I began working as a Professional Development Manager for a large law firm. I loved the corporate world and relished the chance to bring about change from the inside. I became very good at what’s called organisational development, taking this with me into another job as Learning & Development Manager for a major pharmaceutical company. It was the best and last job I ever had.

I was made redundant from there in 2007. Weirdly, in that year I was one of the top 25% performers in the company. However, due to the need for global consolidation, the New Zealand subsidiary had no choice but to let many of us go.

I realised I had two choices: go and find another job or start out on my own. I did the latter and have never looked back. Well, maybe once or twice, just quickly!

Now, I work for myself as a corporate consultant, focusing on coaching and training in communication, business development and leadership. I also facilitate workshops and speak at events and conferences around the world.

10-week Solo Travel Adventure

In 2016 I got to the point where I needed time out and an opportunity to clear my head a bit. So, I headed off on a 10-week solo trip around the world. You can read about it here, if you wish. You’ll find out why I did it, watch my video diaries from each country, and get a sense of what the whole experience was like. Suffice it to say, many people told me they wished they could do it too!


Committed to Inspiring Others

Now, I’m committed to moving up a level as a consultant. As well as the corporate consulting, coaching and speaking work I do, I’m exploring what it means to live a life, and do work, that really matters.

With my background, I’ve accumulated lots of wisdom about thriving in the corporate world. So I created this website to share that knowledge with others, help them overcome challenges and inspire them to build a career that truly matters to them.

It’s a new chapter, but I am excited!

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