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Who’s in Your Tight 5?

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Don’t Go it Alone

Whether you’re a leader in life, work or both it can be challenging constantly dealing with responsibilities and changes let alone your own aspirations. Frankly, it gets lonely at times.

Trying to go it alone, however, is not wise.

I have a simple but powerful recommendation for you. Develop your own personal sounding board or, to borrow from rugby, your own “tight 5.” Here’s what I mean.

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Done is better than good.

Carole Gilbert

Save Time, Money and Frustration with Your Own Virtual Team

Have you ever tried to do everything, juggling all the balls, getting buried in technical tasks that just shouldn’t take that long?!

You’re not alone.

Most people I know face this challenge sooner or later – often sooner. And if you’re a technically competent person, like I am, it’s worse. Because that little voice in your head says, “Hey, I like doing this stuff and, besides, I like to make sure everything’s perfect.”

To combat this, you should consider building yourself a virtual team. You’ve probably started this already – do you have an accountant, a doctor and a lawyer that you use regularly? So, why not extend this to your work?

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